Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tree removal

Images of the tree cutting. Mulford's Tree Service pruned and cut the Lawrence Public Library trees. The were very careful to obtain parts of each tree that contained the best grain pattern. Lot's of love and care!


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    1. John, What are your specific questions. Were you inquiring about the pear wood? We weren't able to secure that wood. Best, Matt

  2. Dear Commission,

    I learned about you RFP in my search. As an Artist and a trained Landscape Architect – I have one question: WHY DID THE ARCHITECTURAL FIRM NOT CONSIDER THE RELOCATION OF THESE FULLY GROWN BEAUTIFUL TREES??????? Does anyone know how few of the newly planted trees actually survive? Seeing these healthy trees, exposed for “ART” is like seeing a corpse of a living animal, exposed to make art out of it….. It is hurtful for all of us, who actually care about the environment. Good luck with the RFP – but this is a BAD EXAMPLE of a Call for Artists. Yes – the wood will be used, but the environment around this Library will be deprived for good of the habitat it was providing for unseen birds an for the species that depended on it.Trees are living entities......Please never forget this!
    This is a shameful example of Architecture without any consideration of the environment. Whoever financed it , did not allocate enough funds in the budget to the tree relocation….! How predictable! I hope someone there thinks about that. There is nothing inspiring in this project. You killed live trees ! You deprived the environment of unseen but vital benefits. What t is so inspiring about that? Tsvetana Yvanova, Artist/Landscape Architect

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  6. Mulford's Tree service this the work around the library. They were excellent.

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